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* Our facility is located just outside Dallas, in Irving, Texas which provides us easy access to both DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) and DAL (Dallas Love Field) airports.

 * We have been in business since January 1st 2017 and have customers across the USA.

*We have a 5,000 Sq. Ft. Facility with over 5,000 gallons of saltwater allowing us to warehouse a large amount of coral inventory.

* We work hard to find the best providers who can supply us with a wide variety of corals from Australia, Indonesia and Tonga.

* We specialize in both SPS and LPS corals along with a variety of invertebrates.

* We have the best DOA policy in the business.


* We strive to maintain a long lasting business relationship with 100% satisfaction for our customers.

* We are dedicated to your success and will work hard to help you in any possible way that we can.

Vibrant Corals is strictly a wholesale only company who does not sell to the public.

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